1.5 year old Female / In foster care

Yolk was at a shelter in Vegas before coming to the rescue. This resilient little girl has special needs due to her neurological/spinal issues. Yolk has cerebellar hypoplasia – this is a congenital disease where the cerebellum did not form properly in utero. Affected dogs are ataxic with full-body tremors for their entire lives, however, their signs typically do not progress significantly over time. Most dogs maintain a good quality of life despite their neurological signs, and this is not a painful disease. Basically, she is a little uncoordinated but is otherwise a healthy and happy little babe! She is totally enamored with her people and loves to be carried around. She cries when she can’t see her people so she would do best in a home with owners that either work from home or could take her to the office with them. Yolk was adopted back in February, but her adopters are no longer able to keep her because Yolk isn’t doing well with the other dogs in the home. Yolk sometimes falls on the senior blind dogs which creates altercations, and she has become possessive over toys and food. They are keeping her until she finds a new home, but they are struggling with her and she needs a new place to live. They have reported that she is very snuggly and adorable and they love her very much, but she just isn’t getting on well with the other dogs in the home. She should ideally be an only dog. Miss Yolk does require extra care, but she is so, so worth it! This little darling will amaze you with her tenacity and curiosity for the world. She is super special, and we hope someone out there sees it too. Interested in finding out more about Yolk? Please apply today!