6 Year old Female / Available at the Station

Hi world! My name is Taro…yup! I’m named after a vegetable! My friends at the rescue must have picked up on that because they’ve been feeding me a healthy diet since I need to shed a few pounds…..gosh I wish I was named Biscuit or Cookie instead!! Anyways… I was out on my own for a long time before I ended up here. It had been a while since I even saw a human, so when I wandered into a neighborhood and heard the voices of some nice people inside, I decided, “Hey, today’s the day!” and went up and scratched on their door. I kept trying to open it and finally succeeded! They took me in and called Pug Nation who picked me up and brought me here. Now I’m surrounded by a bunch of nice humans and a bunch of pups who look just like me! (…But I’m the cutest ;)) Although I do like it here, I would much rather have a home of my own and a person who’s dedicated to me. I would be happy with another animal sibling or on my own, I’m not too picky. I love other dogs especially ones who let me nap on them. I also love treats…and I get really excited when someone pulls them out. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am a bit sassy! I’m small but mighty!! Before coming here, I hadn’t had a bath in a long time and my nails had grown so long that they were growing into my paw-pads. I would really like to be pampered and spoiled instead of going back to a life like that. As long as you protect me and love me, I’ll be your bestest friend forever…I promise!! I have to be seen by the vet and afterwards I’ll be ready to go home! I hope it’s with you 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you! Love, Taro.