10 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. One of our managers spotted this little nugget sunbathing in a busy Starbucks parking lot right off the freeway entrance. Seeing everyone ignore this lost, stranded soul was nothing short of heartbreaking. After narrowly dodging cars for who knows how long, our manager rushed to action and saved him from the hot pavement…and although he is certainly not pug, off to Pug Nation they went! We named him Tangelo, which yeah is a bit silly, but so is he! He’s the silliest and sweetest “honorary pug” we’ve ever had the pleasure of rescuing! We think Tangelo was out on the streets for a long time. When he first arrived, his nails were so overgrown they were curled into his paw pads, his eyes were sealed shut with thick green discharge and he appeared to be blind, his fur was thin and patchy and swarming with hundreds of live fleas, and he has some suspicious lumps. Unfortunately, after some testing, we found he has cancer. Despite all this, his perception of the world and the people in it isn’t damped at all. He’s so incredibly gentle and just wants to be loved. He’s on the mend now and is so happy to be loved and doted on by staff. We really can’t stress enough how incredible this dog is. He’s 13 pounds of pure love and thrives in the arms of a human. He loves being carried and is super snuggly. He’s frequently found lying on his back with all four legs in the air napping the afternoon away. He loves cuddling with other dogs too and usually has two or three other pups curled up with him. We’re estimating him at around ten years old and he has so much light and life in him. His ideal adopter will be someone who is retired, works from home, or isn’t gone long hours so he can really soak up all the love and attention he’s been missing out on for so long, and receive the palliative care he needs. He would do great with kids and gets along with other mellow pups. He would be a great foster candidate or a wonderful addition to a home versed in senior/hospice dog care. Let’s get this baby a wonderful home for him to live out the life filled with love that he deserves! Please inquire today about our special friend, Tangelo!