SuperGirl *special needs*

9 month old Female / Available at the Station

*Press Play on the picture above to see Supergirl in action!*

This sweet and petite 9 month old girl is living up to her name! Supergirl is an incredible, resilient, and adorable little baby who despite her health ailments lives life to the absolute fullest and is so happy to experience the world around her. Supergirl was found in Apple Valley as a stray, and due to several factors we believe she was likely let loose by a breeder who wasn’t able to sell her. Whatever happened to her is in the past and we are happy to assist her in a search for a brighter future. Supergirl has cherry eyes that she will be receiving surgery for, and has some issues with all four of her legs. She is still awaiting diagnosis by her veterinarian, and once we know what is going on with her we will get her the treatment she needs before going home. This pup has a long road ahead of her, and deserves an amazing home once she is feeling better. Could you be the one to provide her with the love, care and attention she so deserves? Please apply today to find out more about our little superhero, Supergirl.