Rhea *Special Needs*

3 month old Female / Available at the Station

Miss Rhea… Rhea was relinquished due to her neurological problems. Her mother pug was a senior which may have caused some of her congenital birth defects. Her vet believes she has a malformation in her cerebellum which causes her to have unstable movements. Rhea is uncoordinated and has trouble walking. She also bobs her head uncontrollably unless being held. We believe with continued physical therapy in the form of daily stretching she will increase her range of mobility and continue to have a good quality of life for many years to come. She deserves a loving and understanding home the same as any other dog out there. She should go to a home experienced with special needs dogs and who is willing and capable of handling her life-long treatment. Interested in finding out more about this baby? Please apply today!