Rebel *Special Needs*

14 year old female / Available at the Station

Rebel *Special Needs* *Click Play on the Video Above to see Rebel in Action!*

Ohh Miss Rebel… This senior beauty was abandoned at the shelter by her previous owners. It is obvious she hasn’t received proper care and love in a long time. Rebel has some hind end weakness that causes her to drag her hind paws when she walks. She does enjoy short walks and spending time outside in the yard, but would do best wearing booties to protect her paws.This baby has some spinal issues that are being exasperated by her obesity, has eye and ear infections, and her poor little nose wrinkle is infected too 🙁 Fear not! This gal is a fighter, and in no time she will be feeling better than she likely has in years with a little bit of TLC from our staff and her veterinarian. Rebel is considered special needs because she is incontinent and needs help going potty. We are happy to teach you how to express her, and thankfully she is a great sport! Rebel is a wonderful, fiery girl who deserves to receive so much love for the rest of her days. Rebels make the world a more colorful place. Historically they’ve create great music, art, and interesting approaches for the rest of us. We think our very own Rebel will do just that – be a source of inspiration and pizazz to the person lucky enough to adopt her. The world will never be boring as long as Rebel works her magic. Rebel is 25#, good with all people, and likes other mellow dogs. Interested in this special girl? Please apply today!