Pepa *Special Needs*

8 month old Female / Available at the Station

Pepa *Special Needs* **Click Play Above to see Pepa in Action!**

Are you looking for a quirky pint-sized companion? Well look no further! This gal is named Pepa, and she has quickly stolen the hearts of all the staff and volunteers here. Pepa has a neurological condition that was caused by congenital birth defects. Her symptoms manifest in circling, head bobbing, and vision impairment. She will require special care and attention for her entire life, but she will make it up to you in the unconditional and endless love she’ll bestow on you. She thrives on human attention and loves other dogs too! She can get a little overwhelmed when in a crowd of pups, but one on one or with her senior pals she’s a very happy girl. Pepa loves to nap on her favorite person’s feet, and really enjoys being carried around like a baby. When she first arrived to our care, she had both her eyes…but unfortunately due to the pressure on one of them she had to have her right eye removed. She is now a pirate pug being that she only has one eye, and she needs daily eye drops to help keep it lubricated. She takes her eye drops like a champ and thankfully the remaining eye is healthy and doesn’t have any pressure behind it! Other than that, she is a happy and healthy little girl who is ready to go on to her forever home, ideally to an owner that ideally has experience with special needs dogs. Interested in this little cutie? Please apply today!