8 Year old Female / Available at the Station

Patsy woke up one morning unable to stand. Her owners took her in to the vet, and they discovered she likely has IVDD, a disease that’s fairly common for her breed that affects her spine. Miss Patsy’s medical care was too much for her previous owners and they turned her into a city shelter. When we got the call about her, we knew we had to help! She’s not a pug but is everything we adore in dogs – she’s endlessly friendly, loves to cuddle, is hilarious, and totally bursting with love. She has been making tremendous improvement and is now walking and playing and loving every second of it. Patsy’s hind legs can’t keep up with the front two, so she ends up scuffling her back paws a bit when she walks. She isn’t an ideal candidate for long romantic walks, but loves to be outside and would be so happy to go to a home with a nice yard to exercise and romp around in. Patsy also needs a little help emptying her bladder fully, but don’t worry – our dedicated staff is ready and willing to teach you the easy process of expressing her. Patsy is so very deserving of a second chance and a long happy life with someone who loves her. Interested in finding out more about this darling? Please apply today!