8 Week old Male / In foster, available for adoption

This adorable little baby is a “shnug” or half pug, half schnauzer mix! He was relinquished to us because his litter was accidental, and the owner were unable to care for all the extra little pups running around. This boy is in foster care but is available for adoption, so if you’re interested in bringing home an adorable lifelong companion, look no further! Being a young puppy, this boy will need to go home to active and attentive owners who are dedicated to training and socializing him. He has lots of energy and his foster reports that he is very vocal and energetic; he truly does love to sing. He does not like to be left alone and is a competitive eater. That being said, his furever family should include a human who either works from home or isn’t gone long stretches of the day and having another dog in the house would be good to help him grow more confident. Interested in this special baby? Please apply today!