Gus Gus *Special Needs*

10 Month old Male / Available at the Station

Gus Gus is a very special baby indeed. He was surrendered to us due to his neurological problems – he has a seizure disorder that will require him to take medication for the rest of his life to prevent the seizures from happening. He also has very limited eyesight, but for the most part he gets around alright. He can be pretty wobbly on his feet but we’re hopeful that once he’s stabilized on his new medication he will improve greatly. Guus Gus is currently being treated by one of Southern California’s best pet neurologists and we will know more about his condition and care soon. Until then, we thought it would be wise to introduce the world to this wonderful fellow. He has special needs and will need a dedicated, patient, and loving owner who can manage his medical needs, but he will make it up to you 1000%. He is very gentle – he loves to nap with other dogs and will give them sweet little kisses if they get close to him. He’s very curious – he can spend hours exploring all the new smells in our yard and while out on walks. He’s loving – thriving most of all when in a human lap, gazing up at them before quietly falling asleep. He’s really such a wonderful pup who deserves a second chance and a fulfilling life, and we hope someone out there will fall in love with him just as we have. If you’re interested in finding out more about this boy, please apply today!