2.5 Year old Male / Available at the Station

Fizzgig, or “Fizzy”, was relinquished to us because his previous owners were moving and couldn’t take him with. Fizzy was a little nervous when he first arrived, but in typical fashion, he warmed up quickly and is now playing the days away and cuddling all night long. Fizzy was born with valgus in his front right leg, meaning that the bone grew longer in that leg than the rest of them. It isn’t something that requires treatment, and in fact Fizzy gets along great and is super-fast while out playing in the yard, but it could cause some arthritis to develop when he grows older. Other than that, Fizzgig seems like a perfectly fine and healthy boy, one who will benefit from an active owner who will spend plenty of time playing with him. He’s a smart boy and has been working on his tricks recently. He can sit, shake, spin and jump…and he’s so treat motivated that he could easily learn every other trick in the book too!! His previous owners reported that he’s great with kids, mostly potty trained, loves playing with other dogs, and is even respectful to cats! What a gentleman! Fizzy just needs a wellness exam with our vets to make sure he’s as healthy as he looks, and then he’ll be ready to go off to his forever home, could it be with you? Please apply today!