1 year old Male / Available at the Station

Columbo was found as a stray likely after being hit by a car. He had spinal cord damage and wasn’t able to use his hind legs. As soon as we met him, we knew he was a fighter and wanted to survive so we leaped to action and got him into surgery to give him that chance he so deserved. Columbo did great during and post-surgery and is able to walk and run and play like any other pup! However, due to the injury being on his spinal cord, it’s important that Columbo not be able to rough house too much or jump on and off furniture, so he doesn’t run the risk of reinjuring himself. He loves other dogs but would do best with a mellow or senior canine companion due to his restrictions. He is a young boy who has so much life to live and love to give, and we’re hopefully the perfect person will come along and see precisely what we did when we first met him – a courageous and determined dog who wants a second chance. Interested in finding out more about our special boy Columbo? Please apply today!