11 year old Male / Available at the Station

Chocco is a chonky cutie-pie who was picked up as a stray. Hopefully he wasn’t out on his own for a long because he appears to be visually impaired in his only eye (that’s right…he’s a PIRATE PUG!!!) and seems to be deaf or hard of hearing. We’re glad he’s safe now and will never have to be a lone wolf again. Chocco is a gentle soul who loves to be cuddled and bask in the sunlight in the yard. He has a mellow personality and would be completely content to be your certified couch-pug-tato, but also needs an exercise regimen to make sure he stays at a healthy weight and lives a long happy life. At 11 years old Chocco is looking for a nice quiet home to live out his golden years in. He will do well with other mellow senior canine companions in the home, but most of all wants a dedicated owner who will shower him with the love he’s missed out on in recent times. Interested in this wonderful baby? Please apply today!