10 year old Female / Available at the Station

Ceciliaaa, you’re breakin’ my heart! This beautiful girl was found as a stray and wound up at a crowded local shelter before making her way to the rescue. Cecilia is blind and has likely been that way for a long time. She lost her eyesight because her dry eyes were left untreated. She’s on eye medication and will need to stay on it for life. She can’t see but that doesn’t stop her from being able to live a happy and fulfilled life. She is full of love and is great at recognizing scents and she gets around just fine. She may have some hearing impairment as well but still needs to be seen by her vet to verify. Oh, and she’s a bit overweight. Yes, she has some stuff going on but that’s even more of a reason for her to find a stable loving home she can thrive in. She deserves to live out her life in a place where she is safe, comfortable, and loved, and we are hopeful someone will fall in love with her just as we have and make it all possible. Cecilia is wonderful with people and other dogs but due to her vision and possible hearing impairment she would probably do better in a home with mellow dogs. It would be ideal for her future owner to not be gone long stretches of time either. When Cecilia is with her people, she’s the happiest she’s ever been, and loves to sit in laps and get all the belly rubs the world has to offer. She requires some extra care, but rest assured she is so, so worth it. Interested in finding out more? Please apply today!