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1 year old Pug mix/ available at the Station

Jake was surrendered to the Palmdale Shelter by his owners because they couldn’t take care of him. He has lots of energy, but can also have moments when he’s very mellow. He is happy and friendly and gets along great with other dogs. He also loves a good walk and is great on a leash. Jake loves people and receiving any attention he can get from them. We feel he would do best in an active, yet patient home, as he is very young and is still learning.
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10 year old Male/ Available at the Station

Harpo was a stray roaming the streets of the Inland Valley before making his way to us. We don’t know how he managed on his own; he has some scarring in both eyes from old ulcers and doesn’t have much sight. However, in traditional Pug fashion, he has adjusted and hasn’t let it slow him down. He’s still a feisty boy with lots of energy to spare. He gets along with other dogs for the most part, but sometimes tiffs do break out when he tries to tell the others who’s boss. Harpo is a great little walker on the leash – with a little human help – and would make a great companion to just about any one. We hope it won’t take long for this gentleman to find his forever home.
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11 year old Female/ Available at the Station

Cobao was a stray out in the Wildomar Shelter before making her way to us. She is a lively, friendly girl who will do just about anything for attention! She’ll even lay down at your feet and roll over for a belly rub. She definitely doesn’t act her age. Cobao has lots of energy and loves to play with other dogs. She does have some knee issues in her back legs that causes her walk to be a little wobbly, but she doesn’t let it slow her down. She still loves to take a good walk in the afternoon. We know Cobao would be a wonderful addition to any home, as this beauty has lots of personality.
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15 year old Female/ Available at the Station

Tessa was an owner surrender to the Downey Shelter before making her way to us. We were pretty lucky to get her as she is in need of some serious TLC. She is a mellow little girl and pretty quiet for the most part. She quickly lets you know, with a wagging tail, how happy she is to see you when you approach her. She is friendly and enjoys the company of other dogs. We know this precious lady would be a great addition to any home.
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Juicy Fruit


3 year old Female/ Available at the Station

Juicy Fruit was found roaming the streets of Irvine all alone before being taken to the shelter. She has a skin issue that is healing, but that hasn’t slowed her down! She is feisty and very energetic and can be quite a talker when there’s a lot of commotion. She loves to play with other dogs and, like all Pugs, adores human attention. We feel she’d do great in a patient, yet active home with a yard for her to run and play in.
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Shrek & Fiona

10 year old Male Pug/ 10 year old Female Dachshund/ Both Available at the Station

Shrek, and his gal pal, Fiona, were found as strays before making their way to us. Don’t let his age fool you, this senior is still very much alert, with the energy of a 6 year old! He is happy being around other dogs and adores playing with his stuffed toys! He’s also one of the first to show up for some attention from the humans. Fiona is as sweet as can be and is still pretty energetic. She loves to take walks, afternoon naps and mingling with other dogs. She is the quieter of the pair, but is slowly starting to come out of her shell. Shrek and Fiona are definitely bonded; oftentimes, Shrek can be seen spooning or grooming her, so they would need to go to a home together. We hope there is someone out there willing to open their heart and home to this special pair.
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9 year old Pug mix/ Available at the Station

Lucky was relinquished to us by his owner because they no longer had time to care for him. He is a “gentle giant” with a tongue that is always just barely sticking out. He is a friendly guy who likes getting attention from humans and gets along beautifully with other dogs. Lucky really does love a good walk and would make a wonderful, loyal companion for someone who is somewhat active. He’s a great little listener and obeys when you tell him “no”. In addition to his good looks, Lucky knows how to “sit”, “give a paw” and “high five”. He will definitely keep you entertained.
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13 year old Male/ Available at the Station

Mac was relinquished to us because his owner could no longer care for him. He is a quiet, shy guy who gently asks for attention from the humans. One of his favorite things is a good belly rub. It doesn’t take him long to warm up to you and roll over. Because of a genetic condition, he has hind-end weakness; causing him to drag his legs. It doesn’t slow him down, though. We know he’d be a wonderful addition to any home.
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9 year old Female/ Available at the Station

Tayva is a tiny, sweet girl, who is always smiling. She is the perfect example of Zen, and you can’t help but feel at ease in her presence. This extraordinary little Zen pug was relinquished by her owner because they could no longer care for her, and we’ve been pretty grateful to have her around. Curious, affectionate, warm, this little lady is grateful for everything — and is as sweet and loving as can be. Unfortunately, due to a disc disease, she doesn’t have much use of her back legs. However, we did see her stand for a short minute while getting a drink of water. We are hopeful that with some love, stretches, and good supplements, we can help her gain whatever strength is possible in those back legs. Regardless, she is the best of company. She likes to play patty cakes, gives kisses when comfortable (and when appropriate), and likes long walks on the beach — as long as you carry her. Small in size, big in heart, she is happy to see the world through your eyes. Bring her on road trips, or give her a nook in your kitchen. All she needs is a window, and the world is hers. She is considered “special needs,” and worth the extra care. For a little extra help, she will carry all your anxiety away.