3 Year old Female / Available at the Rescue

Meet Uma, a resilient soul who has overcome the challenges of a rough start in life. Uma’s journey began as a stray, where she faced the harsh realities of the world. Sadly, she experienced an unfortunate incident, likely a confrontation with another animal, leaving her with visible lacerations. Despite the scars, Uma has shown incredible strength and is on the path to recovery.

This 3-year-old, 17-pound beauty has a gentle and reserved demeanor, a testament to her resilience. When Uma first arrived at our rescue, she was understandably cautious, but with time and care, she has blossomed into a loving and affectionate companion. Her favorite pastime? Cuddling and snuggling with those she trusts.

Uma gets along well with other dogs, which would make her a great addition to a home that already has other pets. However, she tends to thrive in a quieter and more peaceful environment. The hustle and bustle of the rescue may be a bit overwhelming for her, and she longs for a tranquil home where she can truly flourish.

This sweet soul would be a wonderful addition to any family willing to offer her the love and security she deserves. If you’re seeking a companion who embodies resilience, gentleness, and a whole lot of love, Uma is the perfect match. Please inquire today if you’re interested in the wonderful Uma!