Tiana *Blind*

3 Year old Female / Available at the Rescue

Poor Tiana has not had the easiest start to life. She had been surrendered to a high-kill shelter by her previous owner, and while we don’t know the specifics of her abandonment, we knew we had to step in and give her a chance at a better future. When we saw Tiana, we knew we had to pull her from the shelter so she had a chance at the life she deserves.

Tiana is mostly blind due to luxating lenses in her eyes. This, coupled with the sudden changes in her life, left her fearful and nervous when she first arrived. To be frank, she was terrified. But now that she knows she’s safe, Tiana has come out of her shell, revealing her true, sweet nature.

Tiana is very loving and does well with both other dogs and people. Given her vision problems, she would be best suited for an owner who isn’t away for long periods so they can keep an eye on her. She would thrive in a calm and quiet home where she can decompress and feel secure.

At just about 3 years old, Tiana enjoys playing and has a lot of life to live. However, she would probably do best as the only dog in the household or with respectful and mellow dog companions. Because of her blindness, she can sometimes bump into other dogs, which could lead to tension if the other dogs react negatively.

Tiana deserves love, kindness, patience and understanding – things that have been missing from her life for far too long. We’ve already witnessed the beginning of her transformation, and once she’s in a home we know she will flourish and become the happy and well-adjusted dog she’s always been meant to be. Let’s give Tiana the second chance she deserves! Please inquire today!