Stevie *Special Needs – Blind*

3.5 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Introducing Stevie, a remarkable dog who has overcome life’s challenges with unwavering resilience. This extraordinary pup’s journey began as a stray, a chapter in his life that remains shrouded in mystery. Stevie, however, is defined not by his past but by his incredible spirit.

Stevie is a dog of unique character, living in a world without sight. His blindness is attributed to detached retinas, a condition that hasn’t deterred his enthusiasm for life one bit. As we consult with his dedicated medical team, Stevie continues to prove that his blindness is just a part of who he is, not a limitation.

What Stevie may lack in vision, he more than compensates for with his heightened sense of hearing. He effortlessly finds his way to the welcoming lap of his favorite human or to the tantalizing aroma of a treat jar, demonstrating his adaptability and resourcefulness.

This remarkable pup is not only resilient but also a social butterfly among his canine companions. Stevie’s interactions with other dogs are harmonious, making him an ideal addition to households that already home a dog or two.

To ensure Stevie thrives, we’re seeking a forever home where his owner can provide the companionship and care he needs. His ideal family will have a lifestyle that allows them to be present for him and home often, as Stevie’s blindness makes him most comfortable with familiar voices and surroundings.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to this exceptional pup, Stevie is eager to meet you and become a cherished member of your family. Together, you can embark on a journey filled with love, trust, and the joy of embracing life’s possibilities. Please inquire today!