8 Year old Female / Available at the Rescue

Meet Snubble, a resilient and loving 8-year-old pup who has triumphed over adversity with grace and a heart full of love. Snubble’s journey has been a challenging one, as she was originally confiscated as part of a hoarding case. Unfortunately, she had to spend the last year of her life in a city shelter, patiently waiting for her previous owner’s legal matters to be resolved before she could come to our rescue and find her forever home.

Snubble has faced health challenges, experiencing gastrointestinal upset that led to regular bouts of diarrhea. However, with the care and dedication of our veterinary team, she has made great progress. Adjustments to her medication and a carefully tailored diet have contributed to her improved well-being. It’s essential for her future adopter to understand that Snubble’s condition is lifelong, requiring ongoing medication and a specific diet to ensure she continues to thrive.

Despite her health concerns, Snubble is an absolute sweetheart. Unbelievably cute and affectionate, she adores cuddling and snuggling with her human companions. Despite her senior status, Snubble gets along seamlessly with dogs of all energy levels. While she enjoys socializing, a more relaxed and slow-paced home environment would likely be ideal for her.

Snubble’s resilience is truly remarkable. She has faced a difficult past, spending time in a shelter and dealing with health challenges, yet she holds no resentment. Instead, she radiates sweetness both inside and out. This lovely pup deserves a home where she can make up for lost time and enjoy the love and care she deserves.

If you are ready to open your heart and home to Snubble, you will be rewarded with the companionship of a dog who has overcome adversity with grace and is now ready to fill your life with love and joy. Help Snubble embark on the next chapter of her life, surrounded by the warmth and care she has been waiting for. Please inquire today!