1.5 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Introducing Rocket! ????

Rocket is an absolute ball of energy and excitement, and he’s ready to launch into his forever home with a blast of enthusiasm. This boy found himself in our care because his previous owners couldn’t quite keep up with his turbocharged spirit. Rocket’s motor is always revving, and he’s looking for an equally high-octane partner in crime.

Rocket’s idea of a good time includes epic treks through the great outdoors, endless games of fetch that would make any baseball player jealous, and wild romps with his four-legged pals. He’s a spirited companion for any outdoor enthusiast, and he’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes – or maybe even help you find them again!

Now, Rocket may need a little bit of refining when it comes to manners. He’s a tad “mouthy” in his exploration, but don’t worry, he’s all bark and no bite! With some guidance and patience, Rocket can learn to channel his enthusiasm in more appropriate ways.

In fact, he’s just waiting for someone as dynamic as him to lead the way. An active owner who enjoys the thrill of teaching new tricks and providing mental stimulation will be the ideal match for this rocket in dog’s clothing.

Since Rocket’s energy is through the roof, a home without young children would be best. Older children who can keep pace with his antics, or an adult-only environment, would be perfect for Rocket’s continued orbit.

So, if you’re ready to embrace the adventure, laughter, and boundless joy that Rocket brings into the world, don’t hesitate to make him your copilot. This rocket is ready for liftoff into your heart! Please inquire today!????????✨