8 Year old Male / In Foster – Available for Adoption

Rift is a very special little fellow who was recently relinquished to our care. He has environmental allergies and dry eyes that his previous owner wasn’t able to manage. His skin should be able to get under control with a good diet, medicated baths, and occasional medication if he has a flare up. Since he’s been with us, we’ve already seen his skin make tremendous improvement and are hopeful he’ll continue on that trend! Due to his dermatitis being environmental his future adopter will need to be prepared to stay on top of his skin treatment. Rift also has dry eyes that weren’t properly treated and have resulted in him going partially blind. He needs daily eye drops to help keep his eyes moist and healthy. He can still see a bit, we think mostly shadows, but his vision impairments have definitely affected his confidence, especially with other dogs. He does enjoy the company of other mellow, patient pups, but highly active/alpha dogs tend to frighten him. He would likely do best as the only dog in his forever home. Rift loves to go walks and is happiest when cuddling or napping next to his favorite person. He just wants to feel safe and loved, and he promises he’ll return the love tenfold. Interested in finding out more about this wonderful pup? Please apply today!