Maloney *Special Needs*

3 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Maloney’s journey to Pug Nation started as a stray, wandering the streets until he was picked up by a local city shelter. During his stay there, he experienced a scary moment when he had a seizure, prompting the shelter to reach out for help. That’s when we stepped in to offer him a safe haven and a chance at a brighter future.

After a thorough examination by our dedicated veterinarian, it was determined that Maloney has idiopathic seizures. However, with proper care and the love of his future forever family, we believe he can lead a happy and fulfilling life. He is now on medication to manage his condition and is responding well.

Maloney is a little ball of joy! He’s good with other dogs and absolutely adores people. His sweet and playful nature will warm your heart and bring smiles to your face. Despite the challenges he has faced, Maloney’s spirit remains resilient and full of love.

Maloney will require lifelong seizure medication to keep him healthy and regulated. If you have the love and commitment to provide him with the care he needs, he will be forever grateful. If you’re looking for a loyal and affectionate companion, Maloney might be the perfect match for your family!

Help us give Maloney the second chance he deserves. Together, you can create a lifetime of happy memories and cherish every moment with this special little boy. Come meet Maloney and witness the magic he brings into our lives! Please inquire today!