4 Year old Female / Available at the Rescue

Meet Lucia! Lucia came to us because she was struggling with chronic diarrhea, and her previous owners were unable to care for her anymore. She has colitis and IBS, which means she will likely always have soft stool and a sensitive tummy. Despite these challenges, Lucia has shown incredible strength and resilience.

Since joining us, Lucia has received excellent care from her veterinarian and specialist doctors. With the right medications and a special diet, she is feeling much better, and her bowel movements have become more regular. Managing her condition does require some extra effort, but Lucia is truly so it!

Lucia’s personality shines brightly despite her health issues. She thrives on human attention and is an A+ cuddler. Whether it’s snuggling on the couch or simply being close to her humans, Lucia loves to be part of the family. She also enjoys the company of other dogs and is very sweet and playful with them. She has a gentle and friendly demeanor, making her a great addition to a home with other pets. Her playful spirit and loving heart are truly endearing, and she brings joy to everyone she meets.

While Lucia does need some extra attention due to her medical needs, her loving nature and happy disposition make every effort worthwhile. She is a special dog who deserves a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life. If you have experience with special needs pets or are willing to go the extra mile for a special little dog, Lucia might just be the perfect addition to your family.

Lucia’s journey has been challenging, but her spirit is unbroken, and her capacity for love is boundless. She is ready to share her life with a family who will cherish her and provide the care she needs. If you think you could be the loving and dedicated home Lucia deserves, please inquire today!