3 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Allow us to introduce Frederick, a courageous and resilient 3-year-old rescue dog who has captured our hearts and is in need of a loving forever home. Frederick’s journey so far has been filled with adversity, but his spirit remains unbroken. We believe that by sharing his inspiring story, we can find him the perfect family who will provide him with the care and love he truly deserves.

Fredericks’s tale begins with a sad chapter in his life. His old owners were evicted and left in the middle of the night leaving behind Frederick and a cat to fend for themselves in an empty apartment. They faced countless challenges without a helping paw. Animal control came to their rescue after several days and impounded them at a local city shelter. Thankfully the cat was adopted separately, and Frederick came to the rescue in search of his forever home. With his unyielding spirit, Frederick emerged a survivor. Despite the neglect he endured, Frederick’s gentle nature and unwavering hope for a brighter future never wavered.

We discovered that Frederick suffers from luxating patella’s, a condition that causes discomfort and affects his ability to walk and run freely. We are pursuing surgical correction so he can enjoy a pain-free life. He won’t be ready to go home until after he heals from his procedure, but we thought it wise to introduce him to you early in hopes of him having a loving forever home waiting for him when he’s ready.

Despite the challenges Frederick has faced, he possesses a heart of gold. His capacity to love and trust humans is truly remarkable. He longs for nothing more than a family to call his own – a warm home where he can curl up by the fire, go on leisurely walks, and receive an abundance of affection. His eyes reflect a deep desire to be someone’s loyal companion, to offer unwavering love, and to experience the joys of a forever home.
Frederick’s time spent with us has revealed his many endearing qualities. He is incredibly affectionate, always ready to shower those around him with cuddles and kisses. Frederick has a playful side too, which shines through during his daily interactions with other dogs and people. Despite his past, he remains trusting and believes in the goodness of the world.

We invite you to become part of Frederick’s story and change his life forever. By adopting him, you provide him with the loving family he dreams.

Frederick’s story embodies resilience, hope, and the extraordinary power of love. With your help, we can turn the page in his life and offer him the second chance he so deserves. If you’re searching for a faithful friend, a devoted companion who will cherish every moment by your side, then Frederick is the perfect match for you. Let’s come together and make Fredericks’s dreams come true!

To inquire about adopting Frederick or to learn more about his surgery and care, please reach out to our rescue organization. Together, let’s give him the happy ending he’s been patiently waiting for.

Fredericks’s Journey is just beginning… will you be the one to make it extraordinary?