3 year old Male / Available at the Station

Fiero Click Play Above to see Fiero in Action!

Meet Fiero, the pandemic puppy who just wants to love and be loved! This three-year-old boy has been at Pug Nation for over a year without any bites from potential adopters. Don’t let that bunny hop fool you, Fiero is just waiting for his perfect human to come along and let him out to play.

Sure, he wasn’t the most well-socialized pup around, but who was during the pandemic? Fiero would get so excited on walks that he’d nip at his original owners, but he’s a smart cookie and can learn with the right training. He’s also hyper and alpha, so he’s like that one overachiever in your office, but without the ability to discriminate between the copy machine and the water cooler.

And speaking of discrimination, Fiero can be a bit dog-selective at times, so he won’t be your perfect wingman at the dog park. But hey, he’s not totally ruling out having another fuzzy friend in his forever home. We’d recommend doing a “foster-to-adopt” with Fiero where you essentially have a two-week trial period to see if he’s a good match with your other animals. If it all works out you can make it official!

At the rescue, Fiero likes to tuck himself into his blankets and hideout like your teenage cousin when the family comes over. But when someone new comes in, he hops his little bunny butt up and tries his best to be noticed. Sadly, he’s always overlooked like the office janitor during Employee Appreciation Day.

Fiero is funny, sweet, and super active. He just needs a few good trainings, lots of exercise, and ultimately needs to get off the clock at the rescue. So why not give this pandemic pup a chance at a fur-ever home? Adopt Fiero today!