Dawson *Special Needs*

3 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Meet Dawson, a resilient 3-year-old pup who found himself in a tough spot as an impounded stray. He’s faced some challenges that have left him feeling quite fearful and troubled. While many dogs come with their own stories, Dawson’s tale might be a bit more complicated. He’s a bit wary and might show some signs of fear or aggression, which could stem from his past experiences.

This little guy requires someone special, someone with the patience, resources, and time to devote to helping him overcome his fears and past traumas. He might need more than just the usual love and trust-building to thrive. It’s going to take someone extraordinary to show Dawson that the world can be a brighter and happier place.

If you’re that special someone willing to make a difference in Dawson’s life, to patiently and compassionately work with him to build trust and help him feel safe, then you might be the perfect match for him. He’s in need of a patient and understanding home where he can learn to trust and feel secure, and where he can thrive with someone who is willing to go the extra mile.

Let’s join hands and hearts to change Dawson’s story together. If you think you have the right environment and the dedication to be that life-changing hero for Dawson, we’d love to talk to you about giving this little dog a forever home. Please inquire today!