Canyon & Sequoia *Bonded Pair*

4 Year old Female Bonded Pair / Available at the Rescue

Meet Canyon and Sequoia, a remarkable pair of resilient sisters looking for a forever home where they can continue their journey of love and healing.

These girls, unfortunately, had a challenging start in life. Abandoned by their previous owners who callously tossed them over a fence, Canyon and Sequoia faced the harsh realities of being used as breeding dogs. Canyon, having endured numerous litters, bears the physical toll with slightly splayed back legs. Sequoia, a bit smaller in size, suffers from severe luxating patellas, and our dedicated team is collaborating with orthopedic specialists to determine the best treatment plan for her.

Despite the adversity they’ve faced, Canyon and Sequoia embody sweetness and resilience. At four years old, they share an unbreakable bond, relying on each other for comfort and companionship. These sisters are a testament to the unwavering spirit of dogs, demonstrating an incredible capacity for love and trust.

Canyon, with her unique gait, and Sequoia, undergoing medical consultations, are in need of a loving home that understands the importance of keeping them together. Their gentleness extends not only to each other but also to their canine companions, showcasing a nurturing nature that will undoubtedly enrich the lives of their future family.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to this extraordinary duo, be prepared for an abundance of love, loyalty, and joy. Canyon and Sequoia are eager to embark on a new chapter filled with the care and compassion they truly deserve. Adopt these resilient sisters, and you’ll be rewarded with a double dose of canine companionship that will warm your heart for years to come. Please inquire today!