2 Month old Male / Available at the Rescue

Introducing Antoine! This adorable puppy is ready to find his forever home! This little one, along with their mother and siblings, came into our care after their previous owner was unable to care for them. The mother, inadvertently bred by an unaltered dog, gave birth to the litter just two days before arriving with us.

Antoine has been growing and thriving under our care and is eagerly awaiting a loving family to call his own. At 2 months old, he exhibits all the typical puppy traits—being incredibly cute, curious, playful, and impressionable.

As a young puppy, he requires dedicated attention and guidance. Ideally, his new owner should be someone who works from home or is able to be present for most of the day to provide the necessary care, training, and companionship. This commitment is crucial to ensure he grows into a well-adjusted and happy dog.

Antoine is a mix of 50% Pug and other small breeds, expected to reach a size of 15-20 pounds at maturity. With his unique blend of characteristics from various small breeds, he promises to be an engaging and loving companion for many years to come.

If you’re prepared for the joys and responsibilities of raising a puppy, consider welcoming this little one into your home. Please inquire today!