Andre *Special Needs*

3.5 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Andre is a special little guy who has captured our hearts here at Pug Nation. This brave and resilient 2-year-old French Bulldog was found as a stray, left to fend for himself on the streets. It appears that his previous owners may have abandoned him when he began experiencing difficulties with walking. Andre’s condition is caused by IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease).

Despite his challenges, Andre’s spirit shines brightly. He may be unable to use his hind legs, but his determination and positive attitude are truly inspiring. He faces each day with a smile on his face, reminding us all of the resilience of the canine spirit.

Due to his condition, Andre requires his bladder to be expressed several times a day, as he cannot empty it fully on his own. He also has bowel incontinence, which results in involuntary defecation. However, please don’t be deterred by this aspect of his care. Our dedicated staff is more than willing to teach you how to express if you’re interested in providing a loving home for Andre. It’s a skill that can be easily learned, and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Andre is not currently experiencing any pain. He is a joyful soul who craves human companionship and revels in the company of other dogs. His love for people is boundless, and he will eagerly shower you with affection, kisses, and endless tail wags.

If you have a big heart and are ready to offer a forever home to a special dog like Andre, we believe you could be his perfect match. He needs someone who can offer him patience, understanding, and the unwavering love he so richly deserves. Andre is a true testament to the resilience of the canine spirit, and with your love and care, he will flourish and continue to inspire us all.

Come meet Andre at Pug Nation and be prepared to be amazed by his indomitable spirit and unyielding love. Together, let’s give Andre the second chance at happiness he so eagerly deserves. Please inquire today!