Meet the Staff

Meet Our Staff

Come back to read about the staff behind the scense that care for the Pugs!

Emily: Kennel Manager

Jennifer: Kennel Staff

Jennifer has loved dogs for as long as she can remember and has a special fondness for pugs. She first learned about Pug Nation when attending a pug yoga event in DTLA. She soon became a volunteer at the facility and participated in fundraising for the Annual Pugtacular Spooktacular. Soon after, she joined Pug Nation’s Kennel Staff. Jennifer finds working with dogs with behavioral issues to be one of the most rewarding challenges of the job – especially when behaviors improve and the dogs are adopted. She feels she’s uncovering the good dog that can get hidden by a rough past.
Jennifer is seen here with her current dog, Jasper, who she and her husband adopted from Pug Nation.

Shannon: Kennel Staff

Shannon is a compassionate individual with a lifelong love for animals. Her upbringing on a farm instilled a deep appreciation for animal well-being. In her current role at Pug Nation she especially values working with the unique needs of senior and special needs dogs. She enjoys matching up dogs with adopters. Shannon’s commitment to the mission is driven by a genuine desire to ensure every dog finds a loving forever home.
She is pictured with her dog Midnight Muffin.

Angie: Kennel Staff

Angie has been a staff member at the rescue since 2022. She became involved with Pug Nation as a volunteer at the original facility in 2017. Angie has a knack for capturing cute moments at the pubble and enjoys coordinating holiday photoshoots for the pugs. What she loves most about working in rescue is seeing the dogs she’s helped rehabilitate thrive in a loving home and also getting to know many of the dog’s unique personalities. She is a devoted mom to 2 adopted dogs and 3 cats of her own.