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13 year old Female/Available at the Station

Shorty loves food, other dogs, and food. She loves humans too, but prefers not to kiss humans. We understand. Shorty was relinquished by her owner because they were moving in with family who are allergic to dogs. In spite of that, she is sweet and gentle, and appreciates everything, but food most of all. She has some age-related, hind-end weakness, but that doesn’t slow her down, especially at meal time. We suspect she may be partially deaf. She recently had an eye removed, because of a painful ulcer. Shorty has shown great progress since coming to Pug Nation Rescue. She does well with other dogs, and if the spirit moves her, she can even be rather social—that is—with dogs. She will follow you, especially if you have food. Although she is quiet, come meal time, she barks with excitement. She also enjoys walks—albeit short ones. Come on. She is thirteen. We know she will be just the right companion for the right person. She is mellow, sleeps like a baby, and will not mind your 80s music. Who knows? The right human might just earn a kiss.