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13 year old Male/ Available at the Station

Curly grew up in Brownville, Brooklyn in a pack of five. He was also nicknamed “Babe,” a name he disliked. He is well-known for his high-pitched voice and barking like a dog. Oops. That may have been different Curly. We aren’t sure. Our Curly does bark like a dog, no surprise here, and is a comedian and vaudevillian of his own right. He was stranded at the Downey Shelter after his owner turned him in. We don’t have specific reasons why, but we think age may be part of it, or else his family really did not understand his comedic sensibilities. Curly has one of the best personalities around, and that is not fiction. This precious gentleman has lost most of his sight and some of his hearing, and adores love from humans! When he first came to us, he had a terrible skin issue, but with weekly medicated baths, he has improved tremendously. Curly gets along beautifully with other dogs, perhaps due to his time with the Three Stooges. He still loves doing physical comedy, but prefers napping. He’s not much of a walker, so we think he would do best in a less active home where he could be a couch buddy with his human. He may not see or hear, but he is all heart, and adores the affection of humans. He also appreciates having his big old squishy neck rubbed, but who doesn’t. We hope someone will fall in love with this sweet senior and give him a loving home for his remaining years.