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Change a Pug’s Life Today

Many people ask, “what can I do to help?” Our rescue could not exist if it were not for our donors, volunteers, adopters, and fosters.

Of course tax deductible donations are critical but there are other great ways you can help our Pugs.



We have many different volunteer opportunities; once you attend our orientation you are eligible to:

● Volunteer at our facility (“the Pubble”). Our pugs thrive on the attention volunteers provide! They love being pet, brushed, bathed, played with, and walked. And sometimes, our pugs also leave a “bathroom” mess which we appreciate our volunteers helping to clean up.

● Help out at our monthly or Special Event Adoption Fairs. Our goal is to find wonderful homes for our Pugs and we need help setting up, handling the dogs during the Fair and loading equipment and Pugs back in the van for the ride back to the Station.

● Participate in our Fundraisers: Throughout the year we need assistance at our Bingo, Open House and Pugtacular Halloween Event. There are many different volunteer opportunities available at these Events!

● In June of 2022 we are re-opening our orientations and you will receive an email invite that will allow you to sign up.  Previous volunteers will receive priority and then new volunteers will receive an invite in the coming months.  Make sure you sign up to volunteer to stay in the loop!

NEW Chewy Wish List

Please visit our new Chewy wish list and consider donating a few items. Our wish list is full of pet essentials from shampoo, treats, and toys that keep the Pugs looking and feeling their absolute best day-to-day.


Please read regarding fostering:  Foster homes generally have to be in Southern California and be willing to travel to our area vets if needed in order to maintain care continuity and utilize our discounts.  Due to the fact we move most dogs fairly quickly, available fosters are limited to those who are a bit less adoptable and long time residents which usually include dogs that don’t get along with others (so you would have to be a no dog home), hospice cases or special needs.  Most of our special needs dogs are limited with mobility and need to have their bladders expressed (we can teach you) or a bit incontinent.

**Please note:  if your intention is to foster to adopt,
please fill out an adoption application**

“Honorary Pug Parent”

HiPPo Program

As an Honorary Pug Parent (HiPPo), volunteers act as a “parent” to a pug at our facility that is waiting to be adopted.  As a HiPPo,  you provide love, comfort, peace and maybe even some fun for our HiPPo dogs with a personalized one on one human connection on your weekly visits. The HiPPo volunteer is a dedicated guardian to their pug and a champion in helping them get adopted by marketing them, working on a training plan, taking photos and videos, creating bios, or by taking their pug on field trips to gain more information about them.    You can join the HiPPo team by submitting a volunteer application and attending a volunteer orientation, thank you.

Fundraising Events and Online Campaigns

Throughout the year we have several great events we use for community building and to raise funds–we encourage your participation and attendance.  In June we host our Open House and always need Silent Auction donations and welcome your attendance.  It’s one of our favorite days as our Board and employees get to show off our Pugs and our facility and thank all who support us.

In October we hold our huge Halloween event Pugtacular Spooktacular!  Besides dressing up your Pug(s) and attending, we always need Silent Auction donations and businesses large and small can display and sell their goods and support us by participating as a vendor.

In addition, we often have online Auctions, special offers from retail partners and contests; please keep an eye out and participate as much as possible!

“Sponsor a Pug”

Sponsor a Pug Program

Thank you for your interest in our Sponsor a Pug Program. Through this program you can choose any of our available dogs you would like to sponsor and we will send you updates on how we are using the donation. With a one time donation, we will send you one update but with a monthly donation, you will get a weekly update on the Pug you are sponsoring.

It’s easy to sign up!

1. Check out our “Available Pugs”

2. Hit the “read more” button under your Pug of interest and then hit the “ Sponsor Me” button

3. Under amount, scroll down and select “Other” and hit “Donate” button

4. Enter the desired donation amount and be sure to check the box  “Make this a monthly donation” if you would like to contribute monthly

5. Complete your transaction

When participating in the monthly donation, if your Pug is adopted, we will contact you to see if you want to transfer your sponsorship to another Pug in need.

Amazon Wish List

Please visit our wish list through Amazon and consider donating a few items. Our list wish list is full of essentials that keep the Pug Nation Station running day-to-day.


Social Media

If you are an active Facebook, Instagram or Twitter user get involved!  Share our posts frequently and help network our cause!  Many of our hard to place Pugs have been adopted as a result of our posts being seen.

Register your Ralphs card

Ralph’s has set up a program whereby they will donate a portion of the proceeds of your purchases to the organization you specify when you register your card. It is very easy to do! Click here to register your card! Wait! There are a couple more steps. After you register your card, or sign in if you registered previously, go to your “My Account” section. Go to the “Community Rewards” section and click edit. From there, you can either type in our name, or find us by our Organization Number: 92967. Every little bit helps and we have received checks as large as $800 from Ralphs!