3 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Introducing Yannick! This spunky boy is seeking a loving home to call his own. At just 3 years old, Yannick found himself in a city shelter after his previous owner relinquished him due to some resource guarding tendencies. He bit his previous owner when they were trying to take a toy from him. However, don’t let that discourage you, because Yannick is more than ready to prove what a wonderful companion he can be.

During his time at the shelter, Yannick underwent a thorough behavior assessment where he showed no signs of aggression. Since arriving at our rescue, he has been nothing short of well-behaved and full of playful energy. Yannick loves nothing more than rolling around and engaging in lively play sessions.

With a weight of 30 pounds, Yannick may surprise you with his size – quite substantial for a pug! He loves spending quality time with people, and does fine in small play groups of other dogs. However, due to his past experiences, it’s best for Yannick to find a home without small children.

Yannick’s ideal family would be one who understands his need for patience and consistent training. With the right guidance and support, Yannick promises to be the perfect companion, overflowing with loyalty and affection. He’s eager to embark on new adventures and create cherished memories with his forever family.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to Yannick, he’s more than ready to become your loyal companion and lifelong friend. Give him the chance he deserves, and you’ll discover what a remarkable addition he can be to your family. Let’s give Yannick the second chance he’s been waiting for – together, you can create a bond that lasts a lifetime! Please inquire today!