Wendell & Wyla *Bonded Pair*

10 Year old Male & 6 Year old Female Bonded Pair / Available at the Rescue

Wendell and Wyla found their way to us after their family’s grandson developed allergies. It’s clear from Wendell’s eyes that these two have faced their share of challenges. Wendell is completely blind due to untreated chronic dry eyes, but he leans on his sister Wyla for guidance and safety.

Despite his lack of vision, Wendell is a remarkably friendly and outgoing boy. He’s curious about the world, able to navigate his surroundings with ease, and has an unwavering love for human companionship. Wendell thrives on cuddles and affection, making him a truly special companion.

Wyla, with her charmingly long tongue, is a sweetheart who adores people. She has a gentle nature and loves to shower everyone with kisses. Her warmth and playful spirit bring joy to all who meet her.

These two have an unbreakable bond and must be adopted together. They find comfort in each other’s company, enjoying restful moments, grooming sessions, and plenty of cuddles. Their love for each other is a beautiful reminder of the strength of companionship. Wendell and Wyla love each other so much that there’s not much room for another dog in the mix, so they would prefer to be the only two dogs in your life.

We believe that two dogs are better than one, especially when they share such a deep connection. If you’re looking for a pair of loving, devoted companions, Wendell and Wyla are ready to fill your home with joy and affection. Please inquire today!