SpongeBob & Squidward *Bonded Pair*

9 Year old Males / Available at the Rescue

Introducing SpongeBob and Squidward, the dynamic duo in search of their forever home! SpongeBob, the charming fawn boy, is a pint-sized bundle of joy. He thrives on human attention and eagerly showcases his repertoire of tricks, with a special fondness for shaking hands. Don’t be fooled by his petite stature; his heart is as colossal as they come.

On the other paw, we have Squidward, the handsome black male with soulful brown eyes that’ll melt your heart. He’s a master of the art of persuasion, using those expressive eyes to plead for extra belly rubs and treats.

These two inseparable pals were sadly abandoned at a city shelter before finding their way to our rescue. It’s clear to see how tightly bonded they are, which is why they must be adopted together. They share an easygoing and mellow disposition, perfectly content to while away the hours lounging together, preferably with the loving presence of their dream owner.

These sweet pups are the definition of gentle and get along famously with other dogs. Their calming presence will bring serenity to any home lucky enough to have them. So, if you’re ready to open your heart and home to this inseparable pair, prepare for a lifetime of love, joy, and a whole lot of adorable antics. Adopt SpongeBob and Squidward today and let their endless affection enrich your life! Please inquire today!