Sir Charles

4 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

If we had a dollar for every dog labeled as unadoptable and aggressive at the shelter, only to reveal their true sweet, goofy selves later, we’d be rich! Sir Charles might seem hesitant and a little fearful at times, but take a look at his pictures—does he look aggressive to you? No way! We don’t know his full story, but he ended up stuck at the shelter for a month after he was returned by his owner and an adoption fell through at the last minute.

Sure, Sir Charles can be a bit unpredictable—he has a strong “alpha” personality and doesn’t always get along with other dogs. He might do okay with mellow dogs or one that can match his high energy. And yes, he’s VERY energetic! He’s also toy possessive and not keen on sharing, so a home with children isn’t ideal for him.

Sir Charles has been through a lot and has big feelings to process before he feels completely comfortable. He needs a dedicated owner to help him with training and socialization. With structure and a good routine, he’ll thrive. He’s just like us humans in that way!

Estimated to be about four years old, Sir Charles has plenty of time to gain confidence and trust. With the right home and loving care, we’re sure he’ll become the loyal and fun companion you’re looking for. Ready to help Sir Charles shine? Inquire today!