3 Month old Male / Available at the Rescue

Introducing Riddler, the resilient and spirited pup with a unique twist to his tale! Born right here at our rescue after his brave mother was taken in as a pregnant stray, Riddler’s journey into this world was no ordinary one.

During his birth, Riddler faced a challenging start as he found himself stuck and struggling to breathe. However, against all odds, this little fighter pulled through and began to blossom. As he grew, it became clear that he was a bit different from his littermates. He displayed a wobbly and unsteady gait, which prompted us to suspect that he might have Cerebellum Hypoplasia.

Our suspicions were confirmed after a thorough examination by the vet, but don’t let that unique condition fool you! Riddler has made remarkable progress in terms of stability and balance as he’s grown. While he may still have a bobbing head and a somewhat unsteady stride, he’s otherwise a completely typical and endearing puppy.

Riddler is an absolute charmer who thrives on love and attention. He’s a playful bundle of joy, always ready for a game of fetch or a romp in the yard. He’s highly motivated by treats and will do just about anything for a tasty reward.

The best part? Riddler doesn’t require any medication for his cerebellum hypoplasia, and he’s expected to live a long and relatively normal life. To ensure his happiness and well-being, Riddler would thrive in a home with an owner who understands both the joys and challenges of puppyhood. Ideally, his new family should be able to spend plenty of time with him, showering him with the love and attention he adores.

So, if you’re looking for an extraordinary companion who will fill your life with laughter and unconditional love, look no further than Riddler. Come meet this exceptional pup and be prepared to be charmed by his unique spirit! Please inquire today!