1 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Introducing Reed, the one-eyed wonder! This resilient pup may have had a rough start, but he’s now ready to sail into your heart and become your first mate in life’s adventures.

Reed’s journey began as a stray, but fate brought him to our rescue when he needed it the most. Sadly, he had to part ways with one of his eyes due to a previous injury, but don’t let that fool you. Reed is living proof that a disability can’t dim his spirit. He’s a spirited pirate-pug, and his enthusiasm knows no bounds!

Reed has bounced back from his eye surgery with remarkable resilience. He’s a bundle of joy, always ready to wag his tail and embark on exciting escapades. This spunky little guy doesn’t let anything slow him down. Whether it’s racing around the yard or engaging in a playful game of fetch, Reed’s zest for life is truly infectious.

But Reed isn’t just about the thrill of the chase. He’s also a cuddle connoisseur! This charming canine is incredibly people-oriented and thrives on human affection. He’ll happily curl up beside you, offering warmth and comfort as you relax together.

Reed is a social butterfly who adores the company of other dogs and relishes the attention he receives from anyone who crosses his path. He’s a true people and pet lover, making him the perfect addition to any loving home.

If you’re seeking a faithful companion who’s resilient, spirited, and brimming with love, look no further than Reed. Please inquire today!