Poppy *Special Needs*

3 Year old Female / Available at the Rescue

Meet the heartwarming story of little Poppy, a brave soul who triumphed against all odds. Abandoned at a dog park, her fate took a fortunate turn when a kind-hearted Samaritan brought her to a local city shelter. However, the shelter’s limited resources left her facing a grim future of euthanasia. Luckily, fate intervened once again when a former employee of ours, now working at the shelter’s animal hospital, stepped in and reached out to us. And so, Poppy’s new life journey began.

Poppy faces challenges with IVDD, which had left her hind limbs paralyzed and unable to manage her potty needs independently. Despite her rocky journey, spending just a few minutes with her belies the hardships she has endured. Her undying zest for life, resilient spirit, and radiant personality make it impossible not to fall in love with her instantly.

When she arrived at our rescue, she couldn’t use her hind legs at all. However, with dedication and care from her doctor, along with a daily stretching regimen, she has made incredible progress and now stands tall, walks, and even runs on all four legs! Though she may still be a bit wobbly, her potential shines at three years old, and she’s eager to impress her human friends with her speed and versatility.

Poppy requires assistance in expressing her bladder multiple times a day, but rest assured, with practice, it becomes second nature. Our committed staff is more than happy to guide you through this if you’re interested in this wonderful lady. Apart from her special needs, Poppy is a healthy and happy girl who simply wants to share her boundless joy with the world. Her loving and trusting personality is beyond compare, making her a truly unique and remarkable little creature.

We envision Poppy’s ideal forever home to be with an experienced and caring owner who can dedicate time to meet her special requirements. As she prefers to be the center of attention, a home without other dogs would suit her best. We are determined to give this incredible girl the life she deserves, filled with possibilities, and most importantly, an abundance of love.

If you’re intrigued by this extraordinary girl and want to learn more, please apply today! Together, we can make sure Poppy’s journey continues with the warmth and care she deserves.