1 Year old Female / Available at the Station

Orli is one of those dogs who leaves an impact. In the short time she’s been with us she has already broken our hearts and mended them. Orli was found as a stray with a severe injury to one of her front legs. We suspect she was hit by a car because she had road rash and the injuries coincide with being dragged against the pavement. She was in so much pain that she was understandably reactive towards anyone who came close AND she was heavily pregnant…which is probably the worst combination of things to be when stuck in a crowded city shelter. Thankfully, the shelter reached out to us for help, and we jumped at the chance to save her. Orli was seen by our vets, and they are not hopeful she’ll have full use of the leg again. Thankfully, she gets around well on three legs and still enjoys slow walks and time spent outdoors in the sunshine. Since she’s been with us, she’s grown more and more confident every day. She’s learning to trust her human friends and gets very excited to cuddle and play with her favorite people. She can be selective around other dogs and new people at first, but once she gets to know them, she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her companions! Orli will require some patience from her future owner, but we guarantee you this wonderful little girl is so, so worth it. She just wants to be safe and most of all feel loved. Interested in finding out more about this baby? Please inquire today!