Mr. Universe

2 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Introducing the charming Mr. Universe! This adorable canine found his way into our rescue after some unfortunate experiences with his previous owners. Despite a rocky start, Mr. Universe is a little hero—coping with changes and looking for a loving home that can provide him the patience and reassurance he needs.

Having had a tumultuous journey, Mr. Universe might initially seem a bit shy around new faces, but with a little time and understanding, he’ll eagerly show his affectionate and gentle nature. He’s a bit like an introverted artist, waiting for the right inspiration (that’s you!) to unveil his true colors. Once trust is established, he blossoms into a loyal and loving companion, always ready to share his big heart with someone special.

A handsome mix—possibly part Chihuahua and part Pug—Mr. Universe boasts a unique charm and endearing qualities. His slightly nervous disposition fades away with the reassurance that he’s safe and loved. He’s quite good with other dogs, showing that he’s a team player ready to make new friends.

For Mr. Universe, an ideal home would be one with a patient and attentive owner, someone who understands that he needs a bit of time to adjust and feels most secure in a calm environment. As a cautious pup, he might not thrive in prolonged periods of solitude, preferring the company of a compassionate and present caregiver.

If you’re looking to make a profound difference in Mr. Universe’s life and offer him the stability and care he deserves, he’s ready to be the brightest star in your universe. With a nurturing touch and a kind heart, you’ll witness this shy but endearing pup flourish into the affectionate companion he’s destined to be. Please inquire today!