2.5 Year old Female / Available at the Rescue

Londyn was discovered as a stray, bearing the visible scars of a tough past that included a challenging skin infection and indications of being used for breeding. Despite the hardships she faced, Londyn’s spirit shines through as she embarks on her journey toward a brighter future.

She also faced difficulties with breathing, but has received airway surgery since being with us and is now breathing normally and doing great!

Londyn can be nervous and has a history of being reactive when meeting new people. She takes a while to warm up, but it’s just because she’s been through so much. A little patience truly goes a long way with her. Potential adopters should be prepared for a challenging first impression, as Londyn may lunge at new people. However, with time and dedication, her sweet and affectionate side will emerge, sure to melt your heart.

Due to her anxiety, we recommend a home without small children, allowing Londyn the space and tranquility she needs to thrive. A dedicated owner who is willing to work with her and help her with socialization and training is essential.

Londyn can be selective with other dogs and exhibits a tendency to resource guard her toys and food. While this behavior can be managed with proper training, we suggest a home where she can be the sole recipient of attention and love. If there is another dog in the home, guidance and training will be key to addressing her resource guarding tendencies.

Despite her quirks, Londyn is an incredible dog who has weathered life’s storms and now deserves a second chance with a caring family. If you are ready to offer patience, love, and a stable environment, Londyn will reward you with loyalty and companionship like no other.