Laverne & Shirley *Bonded Pair*

6 Year old Females / Available at the Rescue

Meet Laverne and Shirley, a dynamic duo of pug perfection! At 6 years young, these inseparable best friends are ready to light up your life with their charming personalities and heartwarming companionship.

Laverne, the elegant black pug, and her sidekick Shirley, the adorable fawn pug, share an unbreakable bond that began when they found themselves alone in an unfamiliar place. A kind-hearted individual took them under their wing, hoping to reunite them with their owner. However, after countless attempts and a disappointing response, it became clear that their true forever home was yet to be found.

Their previous temporary caregiver, who specialized in rescuing cats, discovered that Laverne and Shirley weren’t exactly feline fans. Their playful barks and friendly chases were a bit much for the delicate kitties, so she reached out to us to find these girls the home of their dreams.

Laverne and Shirley are a package deal, and their friendship is truly one for the ages. These lovable pugs are not only great with other dogs but also the friendliest of companions to all humans.

Laverne, a connoisseur of belly rubs, is quite the couch potato, content to snuggle up and enjoy leisurely moments. On the other paw, Shirley, at a dainty 10 pounds, adores being cradled in your arms and cuddling close.

These spirited ladies enjoy their walks and playtime, making each day an adventure worth sharing. Their bond is unbreakable, and they’re excited to bring their double dose of love and joy to their new forever home.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to this delightful pug pair, get ready for a lifetime of tail wags, belly rubs, and endless cuddles. Laverne and Shirley are more than just dogs – they’re a harmonious blend of love and laughter, waiting to make your family whole. Please inquire today!