7 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Meet Kenshi, the resilient little guy who’s had quite the journey before landing at our rescue. Kenshi was discovered as a lost soul, but despite the best efforts to find his original owner, no one ever came forward to claim him.

When Kenshi first joined us, he was in a sorry state. He had painful sores on his body, struggled with severe dry eye, and was too skinny for his own good. Thanks to the loving care he’s received, his sores are on the mend, and he’s gradually gaining back the weight he lost. Though his vision is limited, this doesn’t stop him from navigating his surroundings with grace.

Kenshi is a mature gentleman at 7 years old, teetering on the edge of his senior years. He may not be as sprightly as a young pup, but he’s certainly not ready to hang up his boots just yet. In the company of other dogs, he’s a true team player, spreading his positive vibes and sharing camaraderie with his fellow canines.

Weighing in at a modest 16 pounds, Kenshi is the perfect size for cozy cuddles and delightful companionship. He’s not overly active, preferring the simple joys of life. He’s looking for a forever home where his humans are around more often than not, as he enjoys their company and the comfort of a steady routine.

Kenshi’s unique journey has made him appreciate the kindness and love he’s received, and he’s ready to return that affection tenfold to a family willing to open their hearts to this charming little survivor. If you have experience with senior dogs and are ready to offer Kenshi a forever home filled with love and care, please consider giving him a chance to become part of your family.