2 Year old Male / Available at the Rescue

Jaster is a charming 2-year-old boy who found his way to Pug Nation after being a brave stray out on the streets. This adorable boy has a heart of gold and a uniquely striking “Piebald” coat that showcases his black and white splendor, complete with charming spots that add to his irresistible charm.

Jaster is a social butterfly and adores the company of both dogs and humans. He’s the life of the party and enjoys playtime with his furry pals. However, it’s essential to understand that Jaster has a bit of a resource guarding instinct, especially around food and toys.

For this reason, we believe Jaster would thrive in an adult-only household or one with older, respectful kids (12+). With the right understanding, training, and patience, Jaster’s resource guarding behavior can be managed and transformed into trust and love.

When he first arrived, Jaster was suffering from flea dermatitis, but he’s been under the best care, and his fur is growing back in beautifully. His resilience and spirit are truly inspiring, and he’s ready to shower his loyalty and affection on a forever family.

Are you looking for a playful, active, and fiercely loyal companion? Jaster might be the perfect fit for you! Please inquire today!