Courtesy Post for Vicky: Meet Lilo!

10 Year old Female / Contact Vicky for Information to Adopt

We were contacted by a family who is moving and unable to keep their dog Lilo. Lilo is not at Pug Nation but is available for adoption directly from her current owner. Please read to learn more about sweet Lilo, and if you’re interested in meeting her please reach out to Vicky at 714-482-7772.

Meet Lilo! Little Lilo is an appx 10-year-old Frenchie we rescued from the shelter; she was found as a stray in pretty bad condition, but thankfully they fixed her up and she’s back to being a spunky potato. Due to an unfortunate change in job and housing situation, we need to rehome her, and she will make the right family very happy. 

Lilo has separation anxiety and will bark nonstop when left alone. She is very protective of her people and territory, so slow and gentle introductions are a must (ideal if there is not a lot of people coming and going). She gets along fine with other dogs as long as they are properly introduced and has lived with other dogs. Lilo does not like the car and will try and bolt the second the door is opened. 

Lilo loves the vet and the groomer (weird, right??) but is not a good candidate at the dog park as she will sometimes try and bite people who reach out to pet her suddenly. She is potty-pad trained and loves to eat, especially fruits and veggies! She has teeth left but we have her on a canned food diet. She loves playing with toys and will chase after anything that’s thrown!

Her perfect home will have a backyard or patio where she can sun herself (she is not a huge fan of walks), and someone who’s around most of the time so she can cuddle! She wants nothing more than to be with her person. 

Please call or text Vicky at 714-482-7772 if you’d like to meet Lilo!