Courtesy Post for Bonded Pair Suavecita & Bigotes!

2 Year old Male & Female Bonded Pair / Contact for More Information

Suavecita (meaning gentle) and  Bigotes (mustache) were dumped in Anaheim over 6 months ago. They have been living and being cared for by kind employees of a landscaping company who have provided food and shelter for them on site at the yard, even coming in on weekends to play and check on them! Earlier this year, Suavecita had two puppies. The puppies have been homed and Suavecita and Bigotes are ready to find their forever home! The vet estimates they are 2 years old, and are likely siblings. They will both be fixed before they are off to their new home. To our knowledge, they have lived a majority of their lives outdoors. They love playing with one another and with the people they trust. Please contact for more information.