4 Year old Female / Available at the Rescue

Meet Amandine, a petite and charming little lady with a heart of gold! Amandine’s journey hasn’t been the smoothest, as she was discovered as a stray and brought to a local shelter. It was initially believed that she may have been hit by a car, but after a thorough examination and a quick neuro consult, it turns out that Amandine likely has a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia.

In simple terms, this condition has affected her coordination, but the rest of her is perfectly normal. It’s likely a congenital issue or a result of surviving distemper as a pup. Despite her unique quirks, Amandine is an absolute sweetheart. She does have a luxating patella, but we’re working closely with her vet to determine if she needs surgical correction or if she’ll do just fine without it.

Amandine is estimated to be around 4 years old, and once she’s spayed, she’ll be ready for her forever home. Her condition only adds to her endearing charm, making her all the more lovable. Amandine is a little bundle of joy who’s eager to bring happiness into your life. If you’re looking for a unique and loving companion, Amandine might just be the perfect match for you. Come meet this exceptional girl and let her show you the true meaning of resilience and unconditional love! Please inquire today!