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9 year old Female/ Available at the Station

Tayva is a tiny, sweet girl, who is always smiling. She is the perfect example of Zen, and you can’t help but feel at ease in her presence. This extraordinary little Zen pug was relinquished by her owner because they could no longer care for her, and we’ve been pretty grateful to have her around. Curious, affectionate, warm, this little lady is grateful for everything — and is as sweet and loving as can be. Unfortunately, due to a disc disease, she doesn’t have much use of her back legs. However, we did see her stand for a short minute while getting a drink of water. We are hopeful that with some love, stretches, and good supplements, we can help her gain whatever strength is possible in those back legs. Regardless, she is the best of company. She likes to play patty cakes, gives kisses when comfortable (and when appropriate), and likes long walks on the beach — as long as you carry her. Small in size, big in heart, she is happy to see the world through your eyes. Bring her on road trips, or give her a nook in your kitchen. All she needs is a window, and the world is hers. She is considered “special needs,” and worth the extra care. For a little extra help, she will carry all your anxiety away.